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NAME: It's you!
AGE: Yes
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NAME: Chloe Price
AGE: 19 years old
CANON: Life is Strange
CANON POINT: Episode 4: Specifically the End of the World Party / Pre-Rewind.

PERSONALITY: As often described by those who do not know her well, Chloe is your typical punk-rock, angst-filled anarchist. This is made rather apparent in her sense of style, but her personality couldn't make that any more obvious. She's a lover of music, art, tattoos, and taking risks. But that only touches the obvious, face-value aspects of her. Below is a breakdown to better explain her personality.

Outgoing: We'll start with the positive. Chloe Price has a very big personality, where she is very talkative and enjoys cracking jokes. But with such an openness towards talking to others, that does not necessarily mean that she is socially skilled. Chloe has been known to be obnoxious, sarcastic, and she does not feel inclined to be nice to every single person she meets. In fact, she is rather standoffish and impatient with those she does not know well. To those who she has let in and she has gotten close to however? Chloe is quite a bright light in room normally shrouded in black. She is funny, clever, and charming.

Short-fused: Chloe has little to no patience. This is made abundantly clear with how defensive and touchy she gets throughout the investigation of finding her friend Rachel Amber, who is missing at the start of Life is Strange. She has a history of lashing out with little warning and often without reason. She's not above starting an argument, which often wastes time and only exacerbates her impatience.

Fear of abandonment: At the early age of 13 years, Chloe's father was the victim in a brutal car accident which ruthlessly took his life. She was incredibly close to her father, and was a very upbeat and optimistic child prior to his passing. She learned incredibly young that life can change at the snap of one's fingers, and even when your father simply leaves the house to pick up your mother from work. Something so mundane. It is around this time that her childhood friend, Max Caufield had moved to Seattle, Washington. Experiencing her father leaving the house without returning and her best friend disappearing with only a single goodbye sparked a nasty case of abandonment issues. This drives a lot of Chloe's rage and lack of patience, and has created a sort of cynical, negative outlook on life. She became close to a Rachel Amber in Max's absence, and even fell in love with the girl in their current teen years. But Rachel eventually disappeared without a word, which is obvious fuel to the already violent flame.

Risk-taking/Rebellion: With her punk-rock hair and style comes a punk-rock lifestyle. Chloe Price is an infamous risk-taker in the small town of Arcadia Bay. After the loss of her father, Chloe began partaking in risky behavior including, but not limited to: graffiti, violence, heavy drug-use, drinking, and frequent run-ins with the police. Chloe was once a student at the prestigious Blackwell Academy, but was eventually expelled due to her unnecessarily rebellious, risky behavior. While Chloe has recently ceased her heavy drug-use, she is still a frequent drinker and often smokes weed and tobacco. Her risky behavior hasn't done much to quit either, and there really is no end in sight to that type of lifestyle.

Possessive: This ties in pretty closely to Chloe's fear of abandonment. Chloe has gotten rather used to being let down or disappointed by those she has gotten close to, indicated by the immediate accusations of Max deliberately leaving her because she didn't "care". It's made pretty clear at the beginning of the game that Max and Chloe were very close as children and young teens. And it is likely that they may have been a bit more than friends, at least from Chloe's perspective. In Max's absence, Chloe had found comfort in the companionship of Rachel Amber. Chloe claims to have loved Rachel, and it's somewhat suggested that they were their relationship was romantic in nature before her disappearance. In fits of rage, there are times where Chloe believes Rachel deliberately left her too, and becomes inconsolably angry upon discovery that Rachel had been sleeping with their mutual drug-dealer, Frank Bowers.

Chloe behaves in a similar fashion towards Max. In moments of rage, believing Max had deliberately left her for five years without a word, Chloe expresses discomfort or even anger when Max speaks with others. She is quick to accuse Max of finding interest in someone else when she so much as answers a phone call before they move forward in their planning.

Much the same had occurred with Rachel Amber, as indicated by Frank's accusations against Chloe's trying to take her away from him. As Rachel had gotten closer to Frank, Chloe often tried to pry her away from Frank. And they manage to argue about who loved her most.

Foul-mouthed: Self explanatory.

Dedicated and loyal: So, I feel like a lot of the above qualities could be perceived as negative. And many of them are. But Chloe is not necessarily a bad guy or even a terrible person. She is a young woman who has been dealt an awful hand. It's made very clear that Chloe is doomed from the start, and these qualities have been manifested by her tragic life thus far. However, in these qualities lies a girl who holds those she regards as precious close. Chloe isn't given the gift that Max has, but she fights with Max to find her missing friend. Chloe goes without rest to find clues that lead them to Rachel Amber. In the search, the close bond that Max and Chloe had prior to this becomes stronger than ever. Chloe promises that they are bonded for life, that she would never leave Max's side. And Chloe means it when she says it. She does not have much left after the loss of her father, and those she has left deserve to stay.

ABILITIES: Chloe is a normal teen. No superpowers. But she's definitely got an eye for fashion and hair. She is quite the detective too! Chloe is clever and observant, which can be useful.

INVENTORY: A pack of cigarettes, some loose change, car keys, and a parking citation.

MEMORY ALTERATION: Here you should describe how their memories have been altered to make them believe they came here willingly, accidentally, or by force. It should be as detailed or as simple as you need it to be to explain their arrival. If you are collaberating with a canonmate or even a cross canon friend, please note it here so that we know toes aren't being stepped on.

SAMPLE: Link a thread within the past six months. It should be about 15 comments from your character displaying both a solid grasp of the character's voice and introspection. If you wish, you can also write up a sample, as long as it displays both of the requirements.


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